Our Philosophy

DIY and Learn, Fail.. DIY again and Learn, Failed again.. Keep making mistakes and Learn

At The Beautiful Tree Preschool and Childcare, Best preschool Gurgaon and Best Daycare in Gurgaon we believe that DIY philosophy can engage our children really creatively. In the process, this makes them learners for life and quench their thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, in our mainstream education system, it lags big time, and all the focus is on syllabus completion.

According to research, early childhood and preschool programs have a positive impact on a child’s academic performance, social skills, and overall well-being. Children who attend preschool are more likely to do better in later grades and are less likely to require remedial services.


The goal of pre-kindergarten at the best Preschool and Daycare Gurgaon and Palam Vihar is not just academics. It’s also about cultivating an environment where kids can try new things with confidence. And all this while learning important principles through playtime adventures.

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Critical Thinking

For the first 8 years of your child’s life, they are rapidly growing physically, socially, and cognitively. During your child’s time in our early childhood education program, they are just beginning to develop all kinds of skills that they will carry into their adult life. Few activities that help children develop their creativity and let their imagination fly are:

  • Play “Good Idea/Bad Idea” …
  • Food Tasting. …
  • Find Similarities and Differences. …
  • Go On a Picnic. …
  • Make ‘Get Well’ Cards.

As we know STEM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and is essentially an interdisciplinary approach to education that combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to provide all-round development for students.

  • Cloud in a Jar.
  • Oil Spill.
  • Sticky Note Number Match.
  • Crystal Sun Catchers.
  • Building a Hand Crank Winch.
  • Build a Balance Scale.

These are just few activities that can be performed with simple Kitchen items and can take child imaginative mind to extent beyond we can believe. 

Role Play

Academic courses such as math, reading, and science are the only programs that as a Best Preschool Gurgoan, we focus on not only language skills but also communication skills through some of our activities:

  •  Tea party. …
  • Post office. …
  • Supermarket. …
  • Hair salon. …
  • Cops and robbers. …
  • Pirate ships. …
  • Castles.