Child Mindfulness

Child Mindfulness at Best Preschool Gurugram

What is Mindfulness and how does it help!!

if we search on google the basic definition of  Every living being be it a human, animal or a tree is looking for happiness. Animals feel happy when their stomach is full, tree is happy when they get watered and manured timely. As a living being our most necessities as a living being are food and water. Once these things are taken care of then we strive for other pleasures i.e. friends, cars, sports, etc.

At the best Preschool in Gurugram, we start early and teach mindfulness not just through meditation but through STEM activities, critical thinking activities, and other uniquely designed activities.

Early Habits

Children are uniquely suited to benefit from mindfulness activities. Habits formed early in life will inform behaviors in adulthood, and with mindfulness, we have the opportunity to give our children the habit of being peaceful, kind, and accepting. Children naturally adapt to being in the moment be it playtime or any other daily activity. If we let our children screen time that tends to diverge their minds hence the WHO recommendation about ZERO screen time till the age of 24 months. And if possible more.

Daily Activities

We have forever known that if you engage in any other activity while eating or drinking water it can have regressive effects on the food you are eating. Then, how come we tend to forget that most basic activity such as eating requires your attention and mindfulness what about our daily activities? Like, the Mathematics theorem or a chemistry equation. Once a child inculcates mindfulness life becomes so much uncomplicated for a kid at all levels.

The genius people of our age be it mathematician Ramanujan or Einstein were not too well-read people. They were just mindful of the things around them. Ramanujan seemed to find math’s every air.

Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. It can help parents and caregivers, too, by promoting happiness and relieving stress. Here, we offer basic tips for children and adults of all ages, as well as several activities that develop compassion, focus, curiosity, and empathy. And remember, mindfulness can be fun.

At The Beautiful Tree Preschool and Childcare in Gurugram, we believe your child should be challenged and excited by learning! Our STEM and Critical thinking activities are designed to excite child’s Learning power. From a young age, your child should understands how exciting education can be. We make learning so fun, though, that your child won’t even realize they are gaining skills they can use their whole lives